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Encouragement on the Journey

Sharing our Stories


As we begin to take steps to start to meet again in person here at Hope, we are looking for words of understanding and compassion to share with those who have been struggling through these past few months. It goes without saying that all of us have been struggling and continue to struggle in one way or another during these challenging times. For some in our church family though, these struggles have been compounded by isolation and loneliness and fear.

None of us have gone through anything like this before; there are no tip sheets or instruction manuals. We are asking each of you to please share a few words about your journey over the past several months; your highs and lows, how you got through, your fears and concerns (past and present).

Knowing that we are not alone in what goes through our head or our heart are words of encouragement and compassion for each of us.

Please take the time to submit your experience so far via email, Canada Post, telephone, or by dropping them off at the church. They will be compiled and shared anonymously in a future newsletter. We just never know what we have to share that will comfort or relieve or embrace another.

It’s all about being a faith community; Nurturing Connections and Living in Love and Grace.

Thanking you in advance for your participation.