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Maranatha! Lord, you have come!

Thank you! Empower me to live like you, bringing love and healing and justice and mercy to your world in need.

Maranatha! Lord, you have come!

And so help me to see the fruit of your renewing work in the people I meet, and the world I encounter.


But also, Lord, I can see that the work of healing and restoration of the world is too big for me alone.

Thank you for placing me in a community of people—the saints around me today and the saints who have gone before—to share the work and support me when I fall.


I can also see, Lord, that the work of healing is not complete:

self-interest prevails while the world turns barren,

fear and anger take over our social life,

bitterness and resentment hide in hearts and destroy relationships.

The world is still broken.

And so Maranatha! Come soon, Lord Jesus!

Come soon and complete your work.

For I know, like Job, that you live as Redeemer and Healer of all, and I know that I shall one day see your work fulfilled.






Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash