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Doctor of Worship Studies
In mid-June I went to Florida again for a week to continue my DWSprogram. Through the readings, lectures, and class discussions this course explored the festivals and seasons of the liturgical year their biblical, historical, and theological foundations and how observance of the Christian calendar can form personal and congregational spirituality.

For me the most refreshing feature of this program is always the opportunity to interact with students from a diversity of other Christian traditions. As a Lutheran, observance of the liturgical calendar was already in my DNA; but it was enlivening to look again at familiar traditions through the excited eyes of friends new to them.

I look forward to continuing to share this journey of growth and discovery with the people of Hope.


Spiritual Retreat

In mid-July Karen and I will take part in a retreat on the Pilgrimage of Incarnation:

“Longing for a spiritual approach to life, we can engage our journey as a pilgrimage. An essential dimension of the pilgrim’s way is to see the outerjourney as a means to awaken into an inner sacred reality. Christ models the humanization of the divine and the divination of the human made possible through incarnation. Through teachings and practices, we shall open to embracing and honouring the sacred pilgrimage of ourincarnation.”

I’m grateful for this opportunity for spiritual growth, so that I can become a better nurturer of others.

Pastor Kristian