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Nurturing Connection with our International Neighbours


Hope's Charity of the Month for May and June was...


Canadian Lutheran World Relief

addressing the COVID crisis in India


This Charity of Choice was suggested by one of our young members, who has shown her heart for people in need in the past, and again challenges her community to support some of the most vulnerable in our world through our congregational fundraising efforts.

Hope Lutheran has long been a supporter of CLWR. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has created an additional layer of challenge for people around the world already struggling with food insecurity, and for CLWR's efforts in addressing those issues. Donations to CLWR continue to support the usual expenses of food aid and other programs, but now also cover the costs of equipping relief personnel and recipients with personal protective gear. Meanwhile, in India CLWR has now begun to directly address the challenges of an intensifying pandemic.

India’s total number of COVID-19 cases has dramatically risen to over 18 million as of April 29, with more than 300,000 cases reported for seven straight days and with no immediate signs of slowing down — and medical experts believe that the numbers are even higher with many cases not reported from rural areas. The reported national fatality rate is at 1.11%, with an acute shortage of medical supplies including oxygen. Hospitals and crematoriums alike are overwhelmed, and hotels and railway coaches are being converted into critical care facilities to make up for the shortage of hospital beds.

We made a difference! As a church, our fundraising through May and June successfully collected $1010 which provided emergency medical support to those forced to be sick at home, and helped support critical advocacy and public awareness efforts to keep as many people safe as possible.


You are  welcome to directly support CLWR's efforts to address the COVID crisis in India by clicking here.


For more information generally about the work of Canadian Lutheran World Relief in this time of pandemic, go to




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