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There is a serious problem with kids going hungry. Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids invites
and empowers people to work together to feed and care for these kids, so they can grow up to
reach their potential. Their vision is a future where communities ensure no kids go hungry.

1 in 10 households in Alberta experience food insecurity – which is inadequate or insecure
access to food. Food insecurity in children exacerbates mental health problems, developing
from childhood to adolescence.

Kids are fed from a combination of their downtown kitchen, groups in the community, and
funded, school-based programs. They also provide grocery cards to families with children
learning at home.

Hope Lutheran is collecting monetary donations throughout September and October. You may
include this donation in your offering envelope or e-transfer (be sure to note the amount that is to
be directed to this charity).

Alternatively, we are also collecting items for their baking wish list, snack wish list and
miscellaneous supplies. If you wish to purchase any of the items (see full wish lists on the
Nurturing Connections board), you can submit a receipt along with your name/ contact info on it.
Brown Bagging will provide you with a Donation in Kind receipt.

- Chipits Chocolate chips (must be this brand as they are NUT-FREE
- Sun-Maid raisins (must be this brand as they are NUT-FREE
- Kraft large marshmallows
- Multi-grain cheerios – NO Honey-nut
- Nut-free cooking spray
- Snack or sandwich size zip bags
- NUT-FREE granola bars (not chocolate dipped or chocolate covered)
- Nutri-grain bars
- Fruit-to-go bars
- Goldfish snack packs
- Bearpaws
- Beef jerky