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A message from our ministry partner, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, regarding the We Care program


This weekend, Canadian Lutheran World Relief’s (CLWR) Board of Directors, leadership team and denominational leaders gathered for our annual September meeting. As we came together — completely online for the first time in our history — we were all forced to confront the fact that we are working in a new reality, one that is marked by change and new circumstances.

Everyone at CLWR is committed to meeting the challenges of this moment with humility and courage. We are steadfast in our responsibility to ensure CLWR can respond with integrity, efficiency and kindness in a time of soaring global need, and to make sure Lutherans in Canada can continue a tradition of working toward justice and peace for all people.

Based on those commitments, this weekend we made the decision to begin transitioning We Care, CLWR’s long-standing and beloved commodity shipment program, with the intent that the shipping component of the program will be fully closed by the end of 2021. While many of us feel a deep, personal connection to this aspect of We Care, the decision was made with the unanimous support of everyone involved.

Despite some sadness in making this change, we are united in confidence that this decision affirms CLWR’s most deeply-held values, including responsible stewardship, shared learning and honouring the voices of those we are called to serve. We are encouraged and optimistic at the commitment everyone at CLWR has shown to being the most responsible, effective organization we can be on behalf of Lutherans in Canada.

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As this work evolves, we will count on your continued partnership, and we pledge to continue in our commitment to do everything we can to be faithful and responsible partners in this ministry.

If you have any questions or comments about this decision, or about what do with existing items, CLWR’s Community and Donor Relations Director, Carla Blakley, is eager to hear from you. You can reach her at 204-230-1323 or

We invite you to join us in prayer today for the ongoing ministry of our organization, for those we serve, and in gratitude for the incredible legacy of kindness that has reached across the world for so many years through We Care.

Deepest blessings,

Cheryl Bauer Hyde
President of the Board
Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Karin Achtelstetter
Executive Director
Canadian Lutheran World Relief