The content of this year’s program will be a survey of the Bible using the resource “echo THE STORY 36." Each of the 36 sessions begins with a short animated video that tells the story of a part of the Bible. We follow that with discussion. I’m really interested in drawing out the meanings of these sacred stories in discussion with our class group.
A workbook complements the class discussion and helps if a student misses one of the sessions - good for reading and catching up! I’ve ordered 7 copies at a cost of $30 USD each. This should account for all the “confirmed” members of the Confirmation class, plus one extra. If you’re able to help out with some or all of the cost of the workbook, that would be appreciated. Just add it to your regular offering to the church.
We had some discussion yesterday about the class schedule. In order for the most number of us to be able to participate we settled on meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each month, 6:00-6:45. That means we meet two days in a row every second week. On Tuesdays we’ll meet in person at the church (masked and distanced—though while the weather is good I’d like to meet outside); on Wednesdays we’ll meet with Confirmands from other Lutheran churches in the city—on Zoom. A detailed schedule with dates is right here:
Additional elements of the Confirmation program are:
  • Retreat at Camp Kuriakos - November 26-28. Details TBA, or even if this will be happening at all by then. We understand that health restrictions may make this impossible. Priority one is for everyone to be safe. If we can’t do the retreat then we’ll make other arrangements for covering the material that was scheduled for this time. But hopefully there will be a safe way for this to proceed: camp retreats are always a ton of fun and a great time of bonding and learning for the group
  • a mentoring program, connecting youth with seniors in our congregation, in Lent
  • participation in the Easter Vigil
  • guest speakers and/or tours of other places of worship, learning about other faith traditions — as conditions and safety permit