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Dear Hope Member,

In  September 2017, the National Church Council approved and adopted a new ELCIC Model Constitution for Congregations document that updated the current model that was adopted in 2010.

The most significant change was a downsizing of the model constitution from 12 articles to three accompanied by a commensurate broadening of the content of the model bylaws. The result is a much clearer division between the constitution, a document that names the organization and defines its purpose and objectives, and the bylaws which define the mechanisms and processes by which the congregation works to achieve those objectives.

All congregations of the ELCIC are being asked to undertake a review of their constitution and bylaws and begin the process of transitioning to the recommended model documents.   The Hope Lutheran Church Council has reviewed, amended and is recommending the approval of the new Model Constitution at the upcoming AGM on Feb 24th, 2019.   Once the congregation has moved to adopt the new model, the document will be forwarded to the Alberta synod for final approval.  Please review the new Model Constitution document prior to the AGM on Feb 24th (links below).  If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience


Yours in Faith,

James Gattinger

Hope Lutheran

Council Chair