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If you watch the news, as I do, you will be aware of the spread of the new virus, COVID-19. As people called to love one another, I have been wondering how we, as a congregation, might prepare for a possible wave of illness in Alberta.

For now, I believe that we should all listen to the public health officials who are encouraging us to gather food and medication in case we will have to be in our homes for several weeks.

We might also modify our way of sharing the Peace. I know that I have failed miserably in this, even though I have made a few announcements suggesting that we not touch hands during this well-loved part of our service. We will begin including a written announcement in the bulletin.

We have an effective network to reach each other electronically and by telephone. If we do not have your contact information, and you’d like to be included, please let us know.

I wonder whether, just for now, we might have an indication of willingness to deliver groceries and medication to those who may need our help. Speak to me if this is something you think you might do.

Impacted cities have ordered shutdowns in different parts of the world. We can work toward more serious scenarios if needed.

How reassuring it is for me know that I belong to a network of caring people, and that we are each held in the loving hand of Almighty God. We will face any challenge together, and we will continue to monitor this situation.

Peace, Pastor Marty