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"The ELCJHL are our siblings in Christ. We have been in a long and important partnership with them, and they need our support at this desperate time," says ELCIC National Bishop Susan Johnson, in an ELCIC Emergency Appeal dated November 3. "Jesus calls us to respond to those in need. This appeal is one way we can do that. I urge you to be generous." The ELCIC invites members to support the ELCJHL Emergency Appeal through prayers and financial support with a goal of covering one month of expenses for the ELCJHL, totaling $263,000.

ELCJHL Bishop Dr. Sani-Ibrahim Azar recently shared an update with the ELCIC on the escalating violence in the West Bank and the impact of the war on the church. In his letter he noted: due to the increase in violence, schools have had to close; checkpoints between the West Bank and Jerusalem and between areas such as Ramallah and Bethlehem have been nearly completely closed off preventing many people in these communities from being able to travel to and from work; and there has been a devastating impact on families whose livelihoods are connected to the tourism and hospitality industry.

“The war between Israel and Hamas is greatly affecting our partners in the ELCJHL,” Bishop Johnson adds. “Most of them have relatives in Gaza. As well, the West Bank has been shut down, which is affecting people’s ability to work and move freely. This has huge financial implications for the church.”

In his letter, Bishop Azar invited support from ELCJHL partners to help sustain the important ministries of the church during this difficult time. The ELCJHL estimates a budget of $263,000 per month just for teachers’ salaries and 50 percent of the pastors’ salaries – these individuals are providing essential ministries throughout the region, serving the needs of parishioners and students. 

The ELCIC invites members to support the ELCJHL Emergency Appeal through prayers and financial support. Our goal is to help cover one month of expenses for the ELCJHL to a total of $263,000.

To assist in reaching this goal, the ELCIC’s National Church Council has approved a one-time contribution to the appeal for $100,000. 

You are invited to help support our partners through a financial contribution to the ELCJHL appeal. 

Financial donations may be given in two ways:

  1. Through your local congregation by designating your offering to ELCJHL Appeal.
  2. Online through the ELCIC National Office at