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September, for me, has always been a time of energy and excitement and anticipation. For twelve years of grade school, and then twelve more of post-secondary, the rhythm of the academic year, with its time of beginnings in the fall, governed my life. An important part of that school experience, especially during my time at Augustana University, was Campus Ministry.

I was a student chaplain during my time at university, and given responsibility for planning worship, organizing social activities, and leading some Bible studies. Campus Ministry was an important place of building connection with other spiritually-minded students on the wider campus, and a community that affirmed and enabled me to practice leadership. Pastor Lyle McKenzie and his assistant Robyn Simpson-Mohr were role models and mentors on my journey of faith and also of leadership in the church. I’m grateful to them and the ministry of the Lutheran church on Augustana campus for helping to form me as a servant-leader.

These days when September and all its startup activities roll around I think of our very own YYC Campus Ministry. I’m grateful for the work Pastor Margaret does on the U of C and Mount Royal campuses, and for the support her ministry has provided for members of our own congregation. You can find out more about this powerful ministry of our church at