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Nurturing Connection

Each year Hope’s Council is tasked with developing a theme that will resonate within each church program, group and event. Once the theme is chosen, Council sets priorities that will be the focus our ministry for the upcoming year. These areas of focus are not intended or expected to cease the necessary work that continues to be provided by our other ministries, but it does provide clear direction for our staff to strategically and efficiently maximize our valuable church resources and volunteers.

On May 22, Council held a special strategic meeting, facilitated by our very own Kurt Hanson, to discern and deliberate our theme for the next six to twelve months. After several hours of engaging and meaningful discussion, we unanimously selected “Living in Love and Grace: Nurturing Connection” to be our guiding theme. In a follow up meeting in June, we selected the ministries of Worship and Outreach to be key areas of focus.

Now we are excited to take next step in this journey and that is to give everyone an opportunity to be a part of nurturing connection. Over the next weeks and months, all of us will be presented with many opportunities to support, assist, and connect. Make the most out of the opportunity where you are called. The opportunities are endless and therewards are infinite... all it takes is the first step... to connect.

James Gattinger Council President


What does "Nurturing Connection" at Hope mean to you?

Council members respond

I have been reflecting on the quote “no man is an island.” One meaning of this notion is that we do poorly when isolated from other people and we need to be part of a community to thrive. To nurture is to encourage the growth or development of something or someone. What a perfect measuring stick for our church family to consider when planning activities and worship services. Are we creating opportunities to connect in a meaningful way with God, each other and those beyond our church doors who may be feeling forgotten or isolated? Joyce McKenny

For me I think that nurturing connection means the conscious and deliberate actions taken to build or strengthen relationships. Nurturing connection can be focused on internal and external relationships; within Hope itself or between Hope and the neighbourhood, community and world that we live in. Doing things together builds trust and builds momentum for success. Dale Ham

For me, nurturing connection has two parts. First it means creating a community that welcomes and appreciates all who want to join. We strengthen each other and provide a sense of belonging. Second, our common Christian thread also teaches us to nurture beyond our doors and into our greater community where people are struggling or despairing. We can do this individually in our day to day lives, but as a group we can be a reminder that everyone can belong and be connected. Brenda Kurtz- Lenko

Nurturing is feeding, watering, loving, and caring. When we nurture connections - all connections - it will result in the growth of our faith, our relationships and our community. Cindy Robinson

My vision of a connected and nurturing community at Hope is one where we are eager to see each other, share our experiences, and joyfully use our individual Spirit-given skills and talents to witness for our Saviour, for each other and for those in our extended community. We all have time and talents to offer. Brenda Waller

The word ‘nurturing’ makes me think of a flower garden. You begin with tiny seeds, provide for their basic needs and nurture them until they grow into a beautiful bed of flowers. The same thing can be said for our congregation. We provide worship, music, education, fellowship, and opportunities to serve. All of these things connect us and our greater community. I look forward to nurturing our faith and witnessing how our congregation will continue to ‘bloom’. – Heather Scholz

We all need to nurture connection with God, self, and others in order to flourish in life. Through worship, prayer, study, and fellowship, the congregation is a place where connection is nurtured in all three ways. Pastor Kristian

To me Nurturing Connection at Hope is about sustaining and strengthening ties between our members, God, and the community through hope and love. Rick Schroeder

We all can ‘nurture’ or ‘be nurtured’ in our connections and relationship to God and each other by partaking in those activities that demonstrate and share God’s love within Hope’s walls and the community at large. This can be accomplished by sharing the Word in vibrant, celebratory and meaningful worship service that blends current trends and past traditions, engaging with past, current, and new Hope members in both social and educational settings, and lastly by becoming involved in community events and providing support for social service agencies. Our engagement will not only nurture connection within ourselves but for all others involved as well. James Gattinger