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At its June 11 meeting Hope Council voted to grant Pastor Kristian’sproposal for a six-month sabbatical in accordance with the Sabbatical policy accepted by the congregation at the 2017 AGM. (The proposed and approved Sabbatical policy was included in Hope’s 2016 Annual Report.) The dates for the sabbatical leave are:

Begins: Sunday, December 9, 2019 Ends: Sunday, June 8, 2020

Additionally, the consensus of Council was that Pastor Kristian would be able to extend the sabbatical by a week on either end by utilizing vacation time (one week, December 1-7, 2019) and study leave (10 days, June 9-18, 2020).

Bishop Larry and the Synod have been made aware of these developments at Hope, with a request for guidance in arranging for an interim pastor during the sabbatical time. Council has yet to decide what the needs of the congregation will be during this period - whether a full or part time pastor will be sought.

Please direct any questions about sabbatical to the Mutual Ministry Committee:

Brenda Waller, Jim Lee, Richard Scholz, Anne Martinot