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Visual Display Project Summary


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 We hope to hear comments, thoughts, and feelings from as many people as possible prior to the AGM discussion.


At Hope’s 2021 AGM, the congregation will vote on a “capital works” budget that includes the purchase and installation of visual displays in the sanctuary. Before that meeting, the Worship & Music Ministry and Council would like to know more about our members’ hopes, expectations, and concerns about the visual display project.

Please review this document, then share your thoughts through an online survey (click here or copy and paste this link to access the survey: Paper copies are also available to be delivered with weekly packages - please call the office for a hard copy of the summary and survey.

In followup to the survey, an online conversation is scheduled for 11:30 am, Sunday, February 21.


What does ‘visual display’ mean?

In this case, we’re talking about the purchase and installation of screens and projectors in the Sanctuary.


Why is this being proposed now?

Hope Lutheran began talking about audio-visual upgrades in 2017. At the 2018 AGM, membership approved the proposal to upgrade the sound system (audio component) and the new sound system was installed in Spring 2018. The visual component of the upgrades were tabled at that time, to be revisited in 2020.

The visual display project that will come to the 2021 AGM is being recommended based on the information and congregational input gathered over the last three years. We also believe that 2021 is the right year to install and begin using the visual displays as we expect a hybrid of in-person and online Worship throughout much of the year. We think this gives us a really good opportunity to try different things and learn together in this time of transition while there will be fewer people in the Sanctuary.


What is being proposed and how much will it cost?

The visual display project includes professionally installed commercial grade projectors, screens, and control systems. The project is expected to cost between $25,000 - $35,000, which is based on estimates we’ve received from multiple suppliers. The final cost will vary depending on preferences and details, such as screen size and placement, motorized vs. fixed screens, and short vs. ultra short throw projectors.


How will the visual displays be used in Worship?

To put it simply, we have a few ideas but we don’t know all the possibilities yet, and we want to figure it out together! The Worship & Music Ministry group sees a lot of opportunities for enhancing Worship experiences through visual displays, and we also recognize that the use of visual displays in Worship is different from how we have Worshipped at Hope in the past. Some of the opportunities we’ve thought of so far include: artistic displays to supplement the seasonal paraments, visual elements for sermon presentations, and projection of liturgical words and music.

We are committed to working with all members of the congregation over the coming months to figure out how we can realize the benefits of visual displays while minimizing the negative impacts. We don’t have all the answers because we want to figure it out together, to integrate the use of visual displays in a way that will enhance the Worship experience at Hope.


What are the benefits of visual displays?

We know that everyone has a different view of benefits and negative impacts, but we wanted to share some of the things that we are looking forward to in terms of visual displays:

  • Integrating the in-person and online worship experiences;
  • Limiting the use of common touch materials (e.g. hymnals), which will also limit the amount of sanitizing work needed;
  • Expanding our abilities to bring in remote or pre-recorded contributions to worship services (e.g. Bishop Larry’s sermons, readers from their homes or care facilities, members of our church family who have moved to a different city, etc.);
  • A more engaging and easier to follow Worship service for those less familiar with the traditional Worship service and liturgy;
  • Use of visual presentations within the service to enhance the worship experience (e.g. childrens’ drawings, images to accompany Scripture, etc.);
  • Being good stewards of the environment by limiting the need for photocopying (which will also reduce costs);
  • Increasing the attractiveness of our facility for rentals (expanding the market of who rents our building to includes conferences, seminars, and those who expect visual display as a basic amenity).


What are the negative impacts of visual displays?

Over the last three years, we have heard the following concerns about bringing in visual displays:

  • They will change the aesthetic of the Sanctuary in a negative way;
  • A desire for singers in worship to be able to see the music as well as the lyrics;
  • The need for additional volunteers or staff to prepare and manage the visual display during worship;
  • A worry that worship will feel less contemplative or spiritually connected with the integration of technology.

We want to understand more about the hopes, expectations, and concerns of our church community with respect to the visual display project, so that we can work together to find ways to minimize the negative impacts and realize the benefits.

Please fill out the survey to share your thoughts and plan to join us for a virtual conversation on February 21st from 11:30am - 1:00pm.

Thank you!