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Holy Week 2021

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday on March 28. This is the time when Christians around the world commemorate Christ’s death on a cross and celebrate his resurrection from the dead and victory over the grave at Easter. During this time of pandemic Holy Week will look a little different from past years, yet the pattern of worship will remain the same and be familiar compared to this past year of church.

All our services will be open to in-person worshippers, subject to familiar constraints:

  • physical distancing between family cohorts
  • mask wearing
  • hand sanitization
  • no singing (but humming encouraged!)
  • gathering after worship – only outside, maximum group of ten, masked and distanced.

With our large space and careful attention to all the protocols we are confident that we can keep worshippers in our building as safe as possible. If you are feeling comfortable in public and wishing to take part in church in person again, please contact the church office to book your space at a service. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

All services are streamed through our YouTube channel.

They are also accessible through Zoom by computer or telephone (connection details included with each service below).

Here’s what to expect in Holy Week.


Palm / Passion Sunday – March 28, 10:00 am

This is a day of striking contrasts: Jesus rides into Jerusalem surrounded by shouts of glory, only to be left alone to die on the cross, abandoned by even his closest friends. Mark’s gospel presents Jesus in his complete human vulnerability.

Although we won’t be able to enter the sanctuary in procession with our palms, we’ll still sing the traditional hymn, All Glory, Laud, and Honour. The passion story will be presented in dramatic form by youth of our congregation during this special service of Word and Thanksgiving.


Maundy Thursday – April 1, 7:00 pm

This evening our Lenten observance comes to an end, and we gather to celebrate the Three Days of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Tonight we remember Christ’s last meal with his disciples, but the central focus is his commandment that we live out the promise embodied in this meal. Departing worship in solemn silence, we anticipate the coming days.

This Service of Word and Sacrament will feature the beloved music of Holden Evening Prayer. We will gather in person and online to celebrate the Last Supper of Jesus. You are welcome and encouraged to prepare a table in your own home, with bread and wine on the table. We’ll share the meal of Jesus in company with each other, even if we can’t be physically present to each other.


Good Friday – April 2, 10:00 am

Life and death stand side by side as we enter into Good Friday. In John’s passion account, Jesus reveals the power and glory of God, even as he is put on trial and sentenced to death.

This service of Word and Prayer will feature a reading of the passion story according to John by the pastor. Music is solemn, and we spend time quietly in prayer, guided by the pastor. The service ends with quiet reflection on the cross. Click on: 


Easter Sunday – April 4, 10:00 am

Christ is risen! Jesus is alive, and God has swallowed up death forever. We gather to proclaim, witness, praise, and affirm the liberating reality of Christ’s death and resurrection. Alleluia!

Featuring music by our own Hope brass players, this will be a celebratory Service of Word and Sacrament. Again you are invited to prepare a table with bread and wine in your home, to share in spirit with the community gathered in person and online.


Second Sunday of Easter – April 11, 10:00 am

The Easter season is a week of weeks, seven Sundays when we play in the mystery of Christ’s presence, mostly through the glorious Gospel of John.

Today we share in worship with the entire Synod of Alberta and the Territories in a Celebration in Word and Song. Contributions to the music and worship leadership are from individuals in many congregations, including our own. Bishop Larry presides and offers the sermon for this day. The service is livestreamed through the YouTube channel of Hosanna Lutheran Church.


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash