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Worship patterns have a seasonal rhythm, following not only liturgical seasons like Lent or
Easter but also the climate, weather, and patterns of our lives. Summer is a time when we diet,
so to speak, in worship, with more minimal and simplified elements to our prayer. In the fall as
more of us come together again (practicing appropriate safety measures) we feast again on the
greater riches of the liturgy: full musical settings, readings from Old and New Testaments, and
Holy Communion again on first, third, and fifth Sundays.

Also, this fall in worship we will be making increasing use of our projector system, adding more
material to what is placed on screen. There is going to be a period of trial-and-error as we find
the best ways of helping the congregation in its full, active, and conscious participation in the
liturgy through electronic media — e.g. words of hymns, creeds, and other congregational
responses on screen in addition to the hymnbooks. We hope you’re patient! And we hope you’ll
be willing to offer your feedback to: Pastor Kristian, Greg Watson (Worship and Music
chairperson), any member of the AV team or any W & M committee member. After the
congregation has had some experience of using the projectors and screens, we’d like to make a
formal survey to understand what the best use of this equipment will be to best serve our own
congregation’s needs.

Children in Worship
On Second and Fourth Sundays this fall, special elements will be included for children, that they
can participate in whether online or in person.

September 12 will feature a Blessing of the Backpacks for kids going back to school in this
season, as well as a special children’s message.

September 26 will be a creative and fun presentation of the Old Testament story of Esther.

Morning Prayer
We are not planning to resume 9:00 Morning Prayer services just yet. The Worship and Music
committee feels that it is important for the community to gather as a whole and reconnect as
one group while we are still just returning from our COVID isolation.