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Join us Sat. Oct. 18 for Mandragora Circo!

This talented duo will perform a 55-minute show full of humour, music and many acrobatics. It’s sure to be a hit for all ages. A portion of proceeds will support poverty reduction work undertaken by CUPS. Tickets are $5/child, $15/adult. Available at the door. Show starts at 7:00 p.m. Hope Lutheran Church 3527 Boulton Road […]

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Oct. 12 – A great feast!

In Jesus’ parable about a great banquet, those invited do not come, so the invitation is extended to others. We are reminded that God spreads a table before us so that we might not sit on the sidelines, but eat. With great joy we feast at the table of the Lord, and we go forth […]

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Oct. 5 – Who owns the vineyard?

The gospel for this day uses the image of a vineyard to reveal God’s love poured out for all. In a world that so prizes ownership, it is counterintuitive to remember that God owns the vineyard, entrusting us with its care. We are first and foremost servants of God – as individuals who make up families, […]

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Sept. 28 – Doing as you say, or not

Jesus’ parable about two sons who don’t do what they say reveals surprises about the reign of God. We are reminded of opportunity for repentance and trying again when we don’t always get it right in what we say or do.

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Sept. 21 – God’s leisure

Matthew narrates one of Jesus’ controversial parables, in which Jesus says the reign of God is like workers who get paid the same no matter when they start. We are reminded that God’s leisure is extending grace and mercy to all God’s people.

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Sept. 14 – Forgiveness, 2 perspectives

Whether we are asking for it or offering it, forgiveness is hard. The disciple Peter gets this. Join us as we explore Jesus’ perspective in the gospel of Matthew as we come to model our relationships on God’s grace that knows no bounds. Today we also celebrate our Campus Ministries in Alberta, specifically that of our University […]

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Sept. 7 – Rally Sunday

We gather to hear of Christ’s presence with us. Join us as we kick off our Fall programming. We worship at 9:00 and then begin our monthly Children’s Church celebrations at 10:30.

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July 6 – When a yoke means freedom

Today’s gospel reading contains iconic words from Jesus: “Come to me all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke […]

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June 29 – Praise & lament

Though we may prefer to think of God giving us lives of joy and ease, a full life in Christ also includes sorrow and grief. To the extent we are willing to acknowledge God’s presence in every circumstance, our faith becomes integrated and sustainable through a lifetime. The texts for today offer a survey of faith-full […]

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June 22 – God with us

Our pastors and delegates have just returned from Synod Convention where we addressed the changing nature of society’s relationship with the church. Today we hear the words of Bishop Larry Kochendorfer in a sermon written for congregations throughout the synod. He speaks of God with us, reminding is that life with Jesus is always, every […]

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