Frequently Asked Questions 

What is it like?

When you come to Hope you will worship in a form that is thousands of years old and shared today by Christians around the globe. Some of the ritual words and actions may at first seem strange to a modern visitor, but they follow a pattern that is really very simple. We start worship by singing songs, some ancient and some very contemporary. Then we sit down and listen to sections of the Bible read out loud, followed by a time of reflection on what they mean for our lives today. There are prayers for the world and all those in need. On many Sundays we eat a symbolic meal that reminds us of our essential unity with each other and every human being. We conclude with a song and words that remind us to go out into the world and try to make it a little better place. We hope you’ll join us at Hope!

What about my kids?

Worship and most other activities at Hope are for people of all ages. Your kids are welcome to participate in our large group gatherings and worship, as well as in the special opportunities for them, such as Sunday School and Youth group. Children’s Bulletins and activity bags are available for each Worship Service – please ask our Ushers (the people handing out Bulletins at the door to the Sanctuary) where you can find them.


Where do I park?

We have a large parking lot that you can enter off of Boulton Road NW (see the map link on our Home page). There are also spots on the street on both Boulton Road and Brentwood Green.


What about public transit?

We are a couple of blocks northwest of the Brentwood LRT Station, and one block from Bus stops along Northmount Drive at Boulton Road NW.


Is the church wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Our building is all on one floor. The best access is from the parking lot as you can pull up right to the door.


How can I get connected?

Join us for worship (worship times) Stay for coffee. Contact our staff. Join us for fellowship and activities – see what is coming up in events. We look forward to meeting you!

Contact Us

We are always glad to hear from you and answer your questions. Please Contact us and someone will get back to you.

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