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What are you thankful for.......
When I think about this question, I think about the awesome young families at Hope and the joyful innocence of children - I am thankful that through COVID you have stayed engaged with the community of Hope and that you encourage your kids to participate in worship or church activities when possible.  
As we get closer to October and Thanksgiving Day, we want to ask you and your kids, "what are you thankful for?????"
We would LOVE to include your video contributions in our Thanksgiving service on Sunday, October 10th.  
Simply video record on your phone as you ask each of your children/ confirmation students what they are thankful for.  Parents, also feel free to also record yourself saying what you're thankful for. 
Submit these short recordings to Pastor Kristian by Friday, October 1st.  Email it to him at
We can't wait to hear from each of you!